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NOS .01uf 200v Sprague 1952 Vintage Paper In Oil Capacitors Guitar Tone PIO

NOS .01uf 200v Sprague 1952 Vintage Paper In Oil Capacitors Guitar Tone PIO

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NOS Sprague Military 0.01uf  200V 20% Oil / Paper Capacitors still sealed in the package from 4/52
Guaranteed to be fully functional
I opened 1 for pix and checked the value. It tested right at 0.01uf. 

Most I have tested read between .011uf and .014uf, perfect for neck pickup applications.

These will make your Les Paul sing!
Less than the price of Jensen, Auricap, Hovland, etc.
These are genuine Sprague caps and are made in the USA

Choice Capacitors for all vintage applications.

Nothing beats Paper in Oil caps for sweet and creamy sound. These were made before Bumblebees and Vitamin Qs, and were supplied to the Military by Sprague Electric Co. of North Adams, Mass.

For use in guitar tone circuits, use by itself, or connect in parallel to choose your desired tone.

Opens up your guitar and lets the true tone come through.

Adds creamy flavor when added in parallel across non paper in oil caps too!
Full instructions and tech support provided on request.

I have had many repeat sales on these caps.
Q: Won't a .01uf cap be too bright for my Les Paul? I thought Gibson uses .022uf caps.

A: No way. Think about it, did Edward Van Halen's original Frankenstein guitar sound too bright? It used a Gibson Humbucker with no tone cap at all. A tone cap filters off some of the high frequencies to ground, it doesn't add highs or lows. .01uf is well within the usable range of the tone pot and the capacitance value is still large enough to darken up the tone when the tone pot is rolled back. Another good example might be Fender's No Load tone pots, where turning up to 10 actually disconnects the tone pot and cap from the circuit. So, to answer the question, a .01uf cap will filter off less highs than an .022uf cap, but more than running the pickup with no tone cap at all. The .01uf cap will open up the sound like running without a cap, but still allow you to roll the tone back when you want to. In addition, these caps have a very rich harmonic overtone, which adds touch responsiveness and creaminess that you can't get when running "no load".


When capacitors are connected in parallel, the total capacitance is the sum of the individual capacitors' capacitances. If two or more capacitors are connected in parallel, the overall effect is that of a single equivalent capacitor having the sum total of the plate areas of the individual capacitors. As we've just seen, an increase in plate area, with all other factors unchanged, results in increased capacitance.Thus, the total capacitance is more than any one of the individual capacitors' capacitances. The formula for calculating the parallel total capacitance is the same form as for calculating series resistances:
The ultimate in tone. Super Quality.
See the feedback on these caps


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